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Does Deep Rock Galactic Have Crossplay? Here’s What You Need to Know

Deep Rock Galactic: Q&A - Exploring Cross-Play, New Platforms, and Life After 1.0 Dwarves in space? That’s the setting for Deep Rock Galactic, a game that throws these stout, ax-wielding characters into the depths of alien-infested caves to mine precious resources. Ghost Ship Games has crafted a unique mix of cooperative play, mining, and intense combat that has captured the imagination of players worldwide. In this Q&A, we chat with Ghost Ship's CEO and co-founder, Søren Lundgaard, about the journey from early access to full launch, the challenges of cross-play, and what’s next for the game. Ghost Ship Games: The Origin Story Q: Søren, can you give us some background on Ghost Ship Games? Søren Lundgaard: Ghost Ship Games was founded to create

Crossplay has become an increasingly popular feature in the gaming world, allowing players on different platforms to play together. With the release of Deep Rock Galactic on PlayStation, many gamers have wondered if the game supports crossplay. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about crossplay in Deep Rock Galactic and what the future might hold for the feature.

Current Crossplay Status

As of now, Deep Rock Galactic has crossplay, but it’s not as widespread as some might hope. Crossplay is available only between Xbox users and PC players who purchased the game from the Windows 10 Store. If you’re a PC player who bought the game on Steam, you’re out of luck—you won’t be able to crossplay with Xbox users. This limitation has disappointed many players, especially those hoping for a broader cross-platform experience.

What About PlayStation Crossplay?

When Deep Rock Galactic launched on PlayStation consoles, some players expected the developers to expand crossplay to include PlayStation and other platforms. However, the only feature that came with the PlayStation release is cross-generation play between PS4 and PS5. This means that if you have a friend on PlayStation 4, you can play with them even if you’re on PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, there’s no crossplay with Xbox or PC.

Could Crossplay Be Added to Deep Rock Galactic in the Future?

The question of whether crossplay will be added to Deep Rock Galactic in the future remains open. A blog post from the developers a while ago, when discussing the then-upcoming Season 2, mentioned crossplay. They said, “Be aware the console launch will not include cross-play between PlayStation and Steam or Xbox but will support cross-generation play between PS4 and PS5. We are still looking into solutions on how to implement this, but at this point, we won’t make any promises – we are only a small team, after all.”

From this statement, it’s clear that the developers are aware of the demand for crossplay and are interested in adding it to the game. However, given their small team size and the complexity of implementing cross-platform support, it’s hard to predict when or if full crossplay will be added. It’s a “wait and see” situation, with no specific timelines or guarantees.

What Does This Mean for Players?

If you’re a player who was hoping for full crossplay in Deep Rock Galactic, you might be disappointed by the current limitations. To play with friends, you’ll need to ensure you’re on the same platform or within the limited crossplay compatibility between Xbox and Windows 10 Store versions. If you’re a PlayStation player, stick with others on PlayStation consoles, as there’s no crossplay with other platforms.

While cross-generation play is a welcome addition, it doesn’t solve the broader crossplay issue. Given the developer’s statement, it’s clear that they are working on potential solutions, but it could be a while before we see any concrete changes.


Deep Rock Galactic’s crossplay is currently limited, with only Xbox and Windows 10 Store users able to play together. PlayStation users can enjoy cross-generation play, but there’s no crossplay with other platforms like Steam or Xbox. The developers have indicated that they’re exploring ways to expand crossplay, but there’s no specific timeline or promise of when—or if—it will happen.

As the game’s community continues to grow, crossplay could be a significant boost, allowing players to connect and enjoy cooperative gameplay across platforms. We’ll keep an eye on any developments and update you if anything changes.

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